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Download Ludo STAR : 2019 APK 1.0.28

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This game is stunning and very entertaining because you can play with your friends in this game. The game has can be played four players including reds, blue, green, and yellow. The game also has some features that will make it getting more interesting. You can play with random player in two or four players in one match. Furthermore, you also can play with different variation including the classic, master or quick. The best one in this game is that you can play with your favorite rules including double of pieces and kill one before entering home.

Since this game is simple, the graphic of this game is also not too spectacular. However, it has nice picture and sound effect. The 2 D in the game is very nice that will enjoy the people to play the game. The color picture in the graphic is good so that people will love to play the game. The concept design of this game is great because you can communicate with other players in the game.

Moreover, the game also has pros and cons like other games. This pros and cons aim to make the game getting better in the future. Besides, you also will use both of them to get more advantages in playing the game because both of them will be helpful in the game to identify about the game. Here are some pros and cons of the game


  • The game is fun strategy with an element of chance for 2 – 4 players
  • There are so many different modification in the game
  • The game is also easy to understand
  • You will not get a lucky to win the game because it has calculation strategy


  • The game has complicated rules
  • You will not win the game only with a lucky one
  • Need more mathematical calculation to play the game

How to Play

To win the Ludo STAR : 2017 for Android easily, here are some tips to play that should you know when you want to play the game. The first tips to play this game are enjoying the game. Enjoying the game will be helpful to start the game better. After that, make the best strategy by making a rule that will give more advantages for you in the game. With this idea, you will conquer the game without any difficulties.


  • Bet higher and win higher. Now play with 5m and 10m bets
  • Play Team Up: Quick & Master Variations
  • Make Friends inside game, add players as ‘Game Buddy’
  • View profile of your Friends and League group members
  • Arabic Language Support
  • Read FAQs for general problems
  • New setting to hide your online status
  • UI/UX Improvements
  • Many bug fixes

Enjoy the classic game Parcheesi on your Android device with the app Ludo Star: 2017. Play against your friends on one device, against an AI opponent, or against other online players. You can choose the number of players, from two to four, and of course the color of your game pieces. 

Anyone who’s played Parcheesi will instantly be able to play Ludo Star: 2017, but, just in case, the app does include instructions on how to play the game. Basically, your objective is to be the first player to get all of your four game pieces back to your base. 

Enjoy Parcheesi with friends, strangers, or by yourself with the very entertaining app Ludo Star: 2017. One of the most addicting board games ever made, now available on your Android device. On top of all that, this version allows you to bet coins online!

This game is quite easy to play and it will be effective to kill the boredom when you have a spare time. Ludo Star for Android got the predicate of Game of the Year and now there is new update 2019. It is an evidence how great this game is and many users of android have download it.

This game is developed by Gameberry. It is a good developer of the game. The developer increases the UI system of the game and make a new feature inside the game. Unfortunately, Google Play has removed this game from their platform. However, users are still able to download this game from the third party.

Interesting Interface

Ludo Star comes with an interesting interface. The interface is simple but it is clear. The developer makes a colorful interface of the game, which will interest the player when they are playing it. It will be no problem whether you play this game in android with small, medium or large screen size.

Chatting Features

The game is also nice by the chatting features. It is an interesting feature inside the game. By this feature, the game becoming more interesting to play. The chatting feature will be available when the players play the online more. By this feature, of course players could find new worldwide friends.

Super Emoji

There are also many kinds of unique emoji. The emoji could be used for the chatting activity. The unique emoji is good, especially to provide the different sense of chatting. We are sure that the chatting could be more colorful with this feature.

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